The needle case

I suppose this should be under Projects, but it was such a simple little thing, and I did it for fun while camping over Memorial Day weekend. I had been keeping my sewing needles piled into one of the segments in my parts box – the same one I keep my stamping tools in. This has led to a couple of near-misses of me stabbing my finger, so it was time to move them.

Construction was fairly simple. Two pieces sewn together at the bottom, with a third piece of suede folded in between to push the needles through. A little tooling and a snap closure, and voila! Here’s the finished product:

Did I mention I went camping at a Pirate event? :)

The big surprise for me was that I sold everything I had at my friend’s merchant booth – I almost broke even for the event! I guess now I have to build some more goods to restock.

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