Decorated cuffs

Here’s the latest finished project, a pair of fancy-decorated cuffs:

Hammer Bracers

These are the 5″ cuffs with buckles. They cover about half of your forearm (as seen in the last post). For the buckles and straps, I went with a slot-mount this time instead of the surface-mount method of the bracers seen previously. This allowed me to minimize the surface area required for them, as well as simplifying the construction process. I did, however have to re-create my construction template for the buckles from scratch, so once again one side fits better then the other. One of these days I’ll get it right.

For the finish, I used a Fiebing’s oil dye, followed by Angelus leather paint and topped off with Fiebing’s Tan-Kote. This design would probably look good in a nice brown, and leaving the carved design un-dyed like I did in the last pouch project should work out pretty well. I was making this pair for myself, though, and my current wardrobe is all black.

One truly nice point of this build was using leather from a full side instead of a belly cut. Bellies are great for prototypes and one-off designs, but for your best work use the best leather. Even then, I skimped a bit and used a “tannery run” grade here instead of an “A” grade leather. The main difference you will find between the two from what I could see at the leather supply store is that TR-grade doesn’t have as even of a surface color as A-grade. If you plan on dying or painting the finished product, however, the leather itself is the same quality.

2 Responses to “Decorated cuffs”

  1. Erin Says:

    Great website with some original designs. I just started leather crafting about a year ago and haven’t seen very many folks who are doing their own designs so your site stands out (it seems mostly people are copying Stohlman’s – which are neat, but it’s nice to see something different). I’m looking forward to your post w/ further work on the camera case. I’m in the middle of a camera case too, and the 45 degree angle sewing is proving to be a challenge.

  2. Da Wolfie Says:

    And this is where I disappoint, because I’m going to tell you to buy Stohlman’s book on leather cases. Yes the designs are a bit outdated, but the techniques are solid.

    The camera case is on hold right now because I need a stitching horse to finish it – the pony I have can’t open the jaws wide enough for stitching on the last panel, and the project is to small to just hold with my knees or something. I’ll be working on a knife sheath this weekend, so there should be a new post in the near future.