Sword Hanger / Frog

Several years ago at an SCA event I promised a buddy a sword hanger (otherwise known as a Frog for some ungodly reason), and worked up most of it while sitting around at that event.

Well, years go by and we’d stopped eventing due to numerous issues and I’d kinda forgotten about the project. Lo and behold we’re going to an event next weekend, and I remembered my promise. So, to make good on it I dug through the traveling tool kit today to finish it up. All I had left myself to do was the top loop and two of the securing belts, so it didn’t take too long.

For those that haven’t seen something like this before, the three securing belts wrap around the sword’s scabbard and hold it to the bottom portion. The wearer’s belt goes through the top loop above the silver ring, and the whole thing hangs on the wearer’s left side so that he may draw the blade with his right hand. That silver ring allows the sword to swing freely without the frog bunching up.

Sword Frog

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