Painting Leather

Posted in Tips & Tricks on April 28th, 2008 by The Cyberwolfe

One of the first things I ran into where there was a serious lack of good advice was in finding a good paint to use on leather. Figuring I would go to a good source, I called around to my local art supply shops and asked what they would recommend. Bearing in mind that what I wanted was a paint that would be fairly flexible and weather-resistant (within reason) they all agreed that I should be using an acrylic medium. What they could NOT say, however, was which brand would be best for the application.

Gee, guys – real helpful there. I ended up picking a brand pretty much at random and taking a couple small bottles home to test. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the results. Read more »


Posted in General, Uncategorized on April 27th, 2008 by The Cyberwolfe

Greetings and salutations – Da Wolfie here to welcome you to the site.

In my trawling through the ‘Net, I have discovered that leatherworking has by and large not made the jump to a digital medium yet. While there are a few sites that offer some good tips, there are a few things I had to find out the hard way. This site is an attempt to put some of that basic knowledge out there in a searchable format.

(And a place for me to write stuff down so I don’t forget :) )

I may occasionally sell something through the merchant booth a friend of mine runs, but I’m not equipped to be taking custom orders anytime soon – I’ll leave that to the pros, like the guys at Leather Lore who you can see linked off to the right there.