Upcoming projects for 2013

Posted in Projects on January 7th, 2013 by The Cyberwolfe

Now that the holiday season is past and the activity level around here has mellowed a bit, I may actually get a project or two in the works, along with the one I’ve already started on.

Currently in progress is a new card sorter bin-thingy. If you’re into tabletop games, you’ll get the point of this. Many of the Euro-style tabletop/board games out the past few years come with several piles of cards for the game. These all take up table space, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to get them out of the way, so I built a handy cardboard contraption to give each pile a standing rest and divider. This is neat and all, but it would look so much better in leather, so…

For my Wife, I have another sort of sorter to do: she’s crafty as well, and has need of a knitting needle case. I’m thinking a tube arrangement, something like the dice tube I did a while back.

I’ve also been working on a business card┬ácase for myself (I currently just carry a wad around in my laptop bag, not so presentable…) that’s been giving me minor fits on the design.

To help with all of this, the Wife gifted me with a new head knife and wing divider for the holiday, so I have new tools to play with – always a good incentive to get down to the lab, don’tcha know :)