Archery stuff

Posted in Projects on June 30th, 2013 by The Cyberwolfe

My daughter and I have decided to take up archery for fun. (Well, take archery back up for me – I used to shoot ages ago…). But you know what a new hobby needs, right? New accessories!

While my daughter is shooting kinda modern-traditionalist, I went whole-hog primitive and got myself an actual longbow – Red Oak backed with linen. Being a period longbow, that means it doesn’t have an arrow rest / shelf like modern bows do – you rest the arrow on your knuckle and shoot off of that. Being that I sincerely do not want to experience the horrible delight of having fletching stuck in my hand, I made myself a little thumb-and-forefinger rig to keep between me and my fletchings (bottom right), as well as a bracer to keep from smacking my forearm with a bowstring. The funky thing at the top goes on your drawing-hand fingers to protect you from the string.


And yes, I am still unsatisfied with the way the bracer attaches. Tying one on is a pain with one hand, and buckles isn’t much better. I’ll figure that out eventually… probably about the time I get the quiver done.