Quick Project: Skirt Chasers

Posted in Projects on June 13th, 2008 by The Cyberwolfe

These little things are designed to help a lady keep her skirts out of the mud – or perhaps show off her petticoats, if she’s of a mind :) It’s just a simple length of leather folded over to pinch another fold with some D-rings in their grip.

To use them, hang them on your belt and pull a section of fabric up through both rings, then run it back through only one of them and pull it tight. (Just like you would for a motorcycle helmet strap.)

I like to use an offset color for the smaller piece. Use a stiff leather for the long piece and a softer leather to hold the rings so they move freely. It helps to skive down the tips of the stiff leather if your rivets aren’t long enough. You can also groove the leather at the fold, but you can usually just give it a couple whacks with a mallet and pound it into submission ;)